How can Media Education be important?

The boom of media includes the new values and knowledge in the way to embed academics, family morals and practical knowledge in the best way. This thing began in the western lands, but at present, it is adopted by the people all over the world. There are sharp changes in the minds of people with the changing stage of media. Children and youth are getting addicted to negative things and changing their attitudes in relationships. It has become mandatory to introduce media education in all the nations. Read more

Media education can be spread by giving the right attitude levels to the people, which are passive, antagonistic and indulgent towards the massive media. The power of media is towards higher levels, but it is responsibility of the youth to make informed decisions based on mass media propagations. We need to understand the media and consider actions of media in a right manner. Click here to read more info about media effects.

How can Media Education be important

School and parents can help in restriction of media activities and impart media education in these ways:

School Education: The effect of mass media can be neutralized in schools by intelligent teachers. There should be a special course on media education, which creates understanding on different modes of working of this special power. There are many programs introduced in schools, which develop a liking for media programs. There should be media content included in libraries and teachers must become eye-openers for the students to recognize between good and bad. Media can become a positive communicating subject only if people are willing to take it in appropriate way.

At Home: Parents are responsible to view the activities of their children. They need to monitor them and take appropriate actions to expose the child in the best way. The child should receive the appropriate information without distorting their psychological minds in any way.