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            Finish Product
            Hot products
            Fruit/Vegetable powder
            Plant Feed Additive
            Extracts for Cosmetics
            Classified by function
            ·Loss Weight
            ·For Liver
            ·For cardiovascular
            ·Women Health
            ·Cosmetics Ingredient
            ·Eye Care
            ·Immune Enhancing

             Hagen biotechnology Co., LTD. is a professional manufacturer which specilized in plant extraction, the effective components of
            Chinese herbal medicine’s extraction and separation, it is a collection of scientific research, production, sales for the integration of
            high-tech export-oriented enterprise, engaged in providing green,natural,organic and healthy plant extracts, which are widely used as
            raw materials for pharmaceutical,food additive, healthy food and cosmetic industry.

            Hagen has a sound management system, strong technical force, advanced technology level,  perfect quality assurance system,
            complete testing instruments, stable product quality and considerate after-sale service. In strict accordance with the GMP standards,
            Changsha Hagen owns advanced plant extracts production lines, which passed series of certifications such as ISO9001-
            2000,GMP ,Kosher,etc. The company makes a huge investment in first-class quality control equipment and independent laboratories.
            The laboratories are equiped with advanced HPLC,HPTLC,GC,UV, CE,etc.. By introducing of ISO9001 international quality system, the
            company carries out the strict quality control standards, pays close attention to every detail of production processes to fully ensure the
            stability and safety of product quality.

            Hagen has been adhering to the " Quality-oriented, good faith for the root " the idea, control product quality strictly. After years of
            extracted plant production, research and development, we already have a solid strength and accumulated rich experience in plant
            extraction, and we have a research and development team lead by experts, Professor, Ph.D., Masters in the field of Medicine chemistry, Plant taxonomy, Chinese herbs and Pharmacology. In academic R & D, Hagen has a world-class pilot plant and closely cooperates with U.S. Independent Laboratory and well-known research institutions in domestic natural production industry including Hunan Traditional Chinese Medicine University, Hunan Agricultural University and Hunan Natural Products Research Center. In the long-term cooperation, we have reached a consensus - scientific and modern development of Chinese traditional medicine. Up to now, Hagen become the most powerful plant extract manufacturers and exporters in china, has exported plant extracts to over 40 countries and regions: Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc.


            Hagen Biotechnology Co.,Ltd     Phone:0086-731-88395305
            FAX1:0086-731-88809325 FAX2:0086-731-88707125~8666
            ADD:International Enterprise Center,No.188,Middle Huanbao RD, Changsha,Hunan,China.