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            Fruit/Vegetable powder
            Plant Feed Additive
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            ·Loss Weight
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            ·For cardiovascular
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            ·Immune Enhancing

             Noni fruit juice powder

            【Product Name】 Noni juice powder
            【Latin Name】Morinda citrifolia Linn.
             Noni is rich in a lot of elements needed in human body, such as alkaloids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids. Noni has a special component called Xeronine, it is a synthetic biologic chain in bowel, can launch a series of effective physiological activity, help cells regeneration and repair, and is an important factor in maintaining human health.
            2.Regulate blood pressure, cardiovascular disease prevention
            3. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory
            4. promote digestion and absorption
            5. Improve sleep
            6. Antioxidant, anti-aging
            7. Antidepressant
            8. Strengthen immune system
            9. Reduce Arthritis Symptoms/Pain
            10. Prompte general health.

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